Lashify sees 52X ROI from their Kin-powered mobile app


Return on investment


Higher repeat purchase rate


Incremental top-line revenue

Lashify is the category leader in premium DIY eyelash extensions. Founded by Sahara Lotti, Lashify is trusted by Hollywood celebrities and their passionate community of brand loyalists.

Lashify is a patented system built around their award-winning Control Kit. There is a remarkable journey from first-time buyer, to habitual customer, and on to evangelism that is supported by in-depth educational content and a wildly engaged group on Facebook.

"This is a retention tool disguised as a mobile app. One of the best things I've done for the business."

Sahara Lotti, CEO of Lashify


The Lashify team extensively researched other app builders and building a custom application, but couldn’t find a cost-effective solution that supported their core business requirements and their strategic ambitions.

Lashify’s business requirements included support for the following:

  • Paid membership program powered by Inveterate featuring exclusive products and member-only pricing
  • Bespoke subscription bundle builder powered by Recharge
  • Unique content-rich product detail pages for the foundation of their product system, the Control Kit

Lashify’s strategic ambitions included:

  • Leveraging their extensive content library to deliver a tailored shopping and education experience
  • Taking greater ownership of their customer community and eventually shifting from Facebook to an owned platform
  • Offering innovative experiences like their AI/AR lash calibrator
  • Doing time-bound events like Live Shopping
  • Reducing the cost of acquiring and retaining customers


Thanks to the Kin platform, Lashify was able to launch a native mobile application on iOS and Android that supports their requirements and ambitions. The Kin-powered mobile app features their bespoke AI/AR lash calibrator, unique PDPs for their Control Kit, and their entire tech stack including Inveterate, Recharge, Route, and more.

The Lashify team defined customer segments based on past purchase behavior in Shopify and created in-app content journeys that support the needs of those customer segments. The team leverage push notifications as a compliment to their established SMS and Email channels and are phasing out costly SMS for customers on the mobile app. Push notifications are even driving viewers to founder Sahara Lotti’s live broadcasts on Instagram.

Lashify is currently deploying Kin’s community forum feature to migrate their loyal fanbase from Facebook to an owned channel.


The new app was well received by Lashify’s hyper-vocal customer community, resulting in 78% higher repeat purchase rate and 8% higher average order value in the app. The Kin team ran a rigorous analysis to determine the true impact of Lashify’s mobile app and found that it is driving 10% incremental top-line revenue.

The Kin team collaborated with Lashify on a methodology to arrive at a robust measure of incremental impact. The brand’s recent purchasers were split into cohorts based on their historical purchase history before measuring the value of a customer 30 days after making a purchase. Looking at the effect of app adoption on each customer cohort independently limits the impact of selection bias on the study’s results. Across customer cohorts, Kin found a statistically significant relationship between app adoption and customer value driven by higher order frequency in the 30 day study period. The effect was greatest in cohorts with fewer historical purchases from the brand, including first-time customers!

Kin’s 10% contribution to Lashify’s top-line represents a 52X return on their investment in the platform. This ROI estimate doesn’t even factor in the savings Lashify have realized from shifting a portion of their customer list away from SMS towards push notifications.

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