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Increase LTV with a mobile application powered by Kin.

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Turn Your Store into an App

Turn your existing web store into a mobile app with complete functional parity. No inconsistencies, no integration nightmares, no duplication of effort.

Build more valuable relationships

Unique formats, personalization capabilities, and push notifications help you connect with your customers more effectively to drive incremental lifetime value.

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create memorable experiences

Bring your loyalty program, customer community, or ideal post-purchase journey to life with Kin’s unique capabilities. Find out how brands are using Kin to set themselves apart from the competition.

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Own your community

Organic reach is declining on social media. Build your customer community and your first-party data in a channel you actually control.

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What Customers are saying

"This is a retention tool disguised as a mobile app. One of the best things I've done for the business."

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Sahara Lotti, CEO of Lashify

Sahara Lotti
CEO of Lashify



Incremental top-line revenue


Higher repeat purchase rate


Return on investment

do more

with less

Kin is designed to drive more value from your existing content, tools, and team members.

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